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The Collection of Fables 3

The Collection of Fables 3 consists of 10 fables: The Monkey and the Peach, The Monkeys and the Moon, The Joy Band, The Little Horse and the River, The Hooded Rat and the Leaping Sweets, Mr. Hippo's Magic, The Little Green Worm's Dream, Goo-Dong, Change Gallbladder, The Frog and the Wild Goose.

In this collection, The story goes on that there was a group of monkeys which played and danced under the moonlight. The moon was so full and bright. Suddenly, a monkey saw the moon in the well. A group of monkeys thought that the moon had dropped into the well, and they were very worried and frightened. They carefully discussed to find the way to hang the moon up to the sky again! Do you know which way they thought about? Read the story "The Monkeys and the Moon" to get the answer.

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The Collection of Fables 2

The Collection of Fables 2 consists of 10 fables such as The Story of the Snail City, The Slow Bear, The Monkey Referee, The Red Boots, The Two Rats and the Egg, White Cloud Pillow, The Pig's Day off, The Big Mushroom on the Roof, The Mouse Captain, The Mouse Brother and Miss Computer.

Each fable will give you some useful information about a lot of animals' activities which happen around us but we haven't noticed them. Through each fable, we also achieve many interesting moral lessons and apply them in our daily life. Let's enjoy them now!

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The Collection of Fairy Tales 2

The Collection of Fairy Tales 2 has 27 fairy tales. Each story will surely provide the readers with many interesting, meaningful and good lessons.

In this collection, you will meet a very lazy king named Lazybones. He did nothing for people in this kingdom but only slept all the day! Therefore, Everyone in this country wanted to leave here for another kingdom to live. What happened to this kingdom then? Read the story "The Lazy King" for details!

Moreover, many good and exciting stories are also waiting for you to enjoy beside "The Lazy King". Click "Read more" to know!

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The Collection of Fables 1

The Collection of Fables 1 includes 27 fables. Each story will take you to the lively world of lovely animals. Have you ever wondered What would you do if you had three wishes? In the story "Three Wishes", There were three children who liked to travel everywhere to explore everything around them. Suddenly, they met a hurt bird because it fell down from the tree. Therefore, these children saved the bird. To thank these children for saving it, when the bird woke up, it gave them three wishes. Do you know what three children wished? Click "Read more" to know!

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The Collection of Fairy Tales 1

The Collection of Fairy Tales 1 consists of 18 fairy tales such as: The Old Man Who Dis No Wrong, The Special Day, New Year's Surprise, The Impossible Task, The Thumb Princess 2, Valentine's Day, Tiger in the Trap, Rava and the Volcano, Why Does the Wind Blow?, ect.

This collection will take you to the world of fairy tales you haven't known before. Each story will attract you to watch from the start to the end. Have you ever wondered why does the wind blow? When you see the story "Why Does the Wind Blow?", you will know the answer! Here we go!

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